Credits | DC McAuliffe


Conrad (series) 2017 -

High On The Hog 2017 Scotchworthy Productions

Forever Veranda 2017 WPII Productions

Something About Henry 2017 Waterfront Productions

Serial Killer Culture TV (series) 2017 - Waterfront Productions

Fangs vs. Spurs 2016 4Lizard Productions

The Audition 2016 Ben J. Productions

Mute  2016 Faith Innertainment Group Inc

Day 1 2016 Skibo films

Family Values (series) 2015 - 2017

Orphans Of God 2015 J&R Productions

Spades (co-composer) 2015 Boomstick films

What in the Sam Hill 2015 Breaking Fate Entertainment 

The Portrait 2015 Waterfront Productions

Worst Day Of The Week 2014 Boomstick films

Michael Morlock’s Supernatural World (co-composer) 2014 Boomstick films

Hacks (co-composer) 2014 Boomstick films

Ring Of Love 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Gordon Finn 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Lucky 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Serenity of the Smokies (in production) 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment 

Spilt Blood (in production) 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Sister Of The Wolf (in production) Breaking Fate Entertainment

World Of Death (trailer) 2014 Scotchworthy Productions 

The Disappeared (short) 2014 Skibo films

The Dismantler (short; post-production) 2014 September Son Films

Dead Girls 2014 Rough Cut Films

Choose Love (short) 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Rough Crowd (short) 2014 Waterfront Productions

Serial Killer Culture (Documentary) 2014 Waterfront Productions

The Muck (short) 2014 Scotchworthy Productions

Grandma O’Malley’s Pantry (short) 2014 Scotchworthy Productions

You Can’t Live With Them (short) 2013 Boomstick films

Run Run Radiation (short) 2014 September Son Films

Anxiety (short) 2014 Breaking Fate Entertainment

Mime Time (short) 2013 Waterfront Productions

M is for Merchandise (short) 2013 Boomstick films

M is for Mechanic (short) 2013 Boomstick films

M is for Moustache (short) 2013 Matthias Borner

M is for Margaret (short) 2013 Amanda Eastman/Kelli Tidmore 

A Chance In Hell (end credits) 2013 Scotchworthy Productions

Shayna 2013 Spookshow Entertainment

Can You Hear Me Now? 2013 Faith Innertainment Group Inc

Doctor Spine (co-composer / trailer) 2013 Boomstick films

Something Strange 2013 Tibsen Entertainment Productions

Sunday In The Middle Of Nowhere 2012 Skibo films

Common Law 2012 Faith Innertainment Group Inc

The Confrontation 2012 Faith Innertainment Group Inc

Plastic 2011 Skibo films

Souls Of Mischief (Welcome To Dreadville V) 2010 Bublenutz / Scotchworthy Productions

Bled White 2009 Skibo films

Brothers Of Another Mother (2013) Bublenutz Productions
Love, Death and Blueberry Pancakes (2009) Bublenutz Productions

Les Enfants Terribles "Stimulated" (2011)
Haunted Hike (Haunted House Elgin, IL) (2008)

Mighty House Radio show (2011)
Haunted Hike (Haunted House Elgin, IL) (2009)